Pg-Poszwald mycellium is succesfully used to keep forests in a good condition and by inividually customers (parcs, gardens) where one unable to grub the destroy strumps.

After cutting trees, the Pg-Poszwald is diluted in water (see instruction on the package) and applied on the remaining stump. To avoid the mycellium of dehydration it is advised to cover the preparate with ca. 5 cm forrest litter or covering in with perforated foil (only advisable for private gardens, parcs). Applications can be done throughout the year taking into consideration that during application temperatures should not be over 25 degrees celsius and not under minus degrees celsius which could disturb the maximum effect. Depending on climate the tree stump will destroy (deteriorate) in a half to three years.

As Pg-Poszwald is 100% biological product there are absolutely no undesirable effects on the environment. Not harmfull to peaple und animals. Absolutely safe for stone and wooden buildings.

One package of Pg-Poszwald is sufficient for treating 5 stumps with a diameter of 30 cm each. By storing the package in cool place it has a shelf live of one year.